organic|biodynamic blueberry u-pick


how it works:

Please bring something to bring your berries home with (bags, containers, etc.). We will provide white buckets to pick into. If you would like already picked blueberries call to order.



The berry bushes are located above the strawberry field. Please walk around the perimeter of this field, past the red shed (pictured below) to get to the blueberry bushes.


Please park perpendicular to the wood/fenced line-before you get to the orange cones- in gravel parking area after you turn into farm.

Carrboro Farmers' Market.jpg
Blueberry Bushes 2014.jpg

what to bring: 

Water, sunhat, and something to bring your berries home in.


Call ahead for availability and hours.

picking tips: 

We think blueberries get sweeter after they sit for few days. Different varieties have different ripening patterns. In general, pick berries when plump and fully blue. If there is a hint of red or white on berry, it will likely be tart. Even fully blue berries can be tart so make sure they are plump! For a fun website on blueberry facts, more picking tips, and canning recipes click here.